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Interpretation of a dream about seeing an exam or test in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing an exam or test in a dream

An exam in a dream indicates affliction in one of the matters of this world or the Hereafter, depending on the state of the dreamer.

As for the dreamer being a student and on the verge of a real test, then the dream comes from his anxiety and fear and from the subconscious mind.

The exam in the dream indicates fatigue and overriding worries, because the word exam is derived from ordeal, which is the hardship with which a person falls, and the result of this ordeal is the result of the exam in the dream.

Perhaps seeing the exam in a dream denotes a difficult transition from one stage to another in the seer’s family life or work, or even his level of certainty and faith.

Tests in a dream also indicate bewilderment and anxiety about new matters that the viewer is exposed to, perhaps confused between two job offers or between two fateful decisions.

And the dream about entering the exam hall may indicate a legal dispute that causes the dreamer to worry.

The inability to solve the exam and forgetting information indicates misguidance and distance from the path of truth and hypocrisy

As an exam in a dream for a married woman indicates an imminent pregnancy

As the exam in a dream indicates to the pregnant woman, it indicates the troubles of pregnancy

As the success of the exam in a dream for a pregnant woman indicates a safe birth, God willing

Seeing the exam for singles indicates difficult choices that leave the viewer in a state of hesitation and anxiety.

Also, passing the exam in a single person’s dream indicates marriage, because marriage is a test of responsibility and commitment.

And whoever sees that he is holding the pen and answers questions easily and easily, it indicates success in life, work and marriage. 

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